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Ferrari Personal Contract Purchase, Finance using a PCP, HP or Cotract hire

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Ferrari PCP

Very few car brands can summon up the emotions associated with Ferrari, producing some of the most sought after cars in the world today, Ferrari has based this success on its racing heritage, a heritage that began in the early nineteen fifties and still continues today. With names like Alberto Ascari, Juan Manuel Fangio, Graham Hill, Niki Lauda and Michael Schumaker littering Ferrari's past, you are joining an exclusive club when you sit behind the wheel of your Ferrari.

Finance your new Ferrari using a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase). Payment is made on a monthly basis directly from your bank account for an agreed period of time normally between two and four years. Your initial deposit can be anything from 0 to 40%, and your regular payments will be much lower than hire purchase. You can also pay extra to include all your servicing costs and a one off payment can be made for Gap insurance. At the end of the agreed period you either hand your Ferrari back, or, if you decide to keep it, you can pay the "balloon payment", this is the Guaranteed future value (GFV) that is specified when you make the original agreement.

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