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Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

Please read in full the following terms and conditions. These terms should be read in conjunction with the terms of any agreement from a vehicle supplier and do not affect your statutory rights.

In these Terms "we", "us" and "our" mean GA Finance & Leasing Ltd and "you" and "your" mean the customer or buyer. Other words to which we have given a particular meaning begin with a capital letter. These words and meanings are set out at the end of this document.

1. Our Service
GA Finance & Leasing Ltd (“the Company”) owns and operates ("the Website"), providing its customers with:

    a) A vehicle pricing and availability research service ("the Research Service")
    b) A vehicle purchasing service ("the Purchasing Service") for customers wishing to buy a vehicle from one of our associated third party UK franchised dealer contacts (“the Dealer”) or directly from the Company

The Company endeavours to make enquiries for the customer via the Research Service into the best vehicle price and availability from the Dealer, with the resulting information being returned to the customer. If the returned information meets with the customer's approval the customer can use the Purchasing Service to buy the vehicle, or to be put in direct contact with the Dealer.

2. Service Fees
The Research Service is free. However, customers wishing to use the Purchasing Service may be charged a broker fee ("the Fee"). The Fee will be discussed, agreed and charged before any work in relation to the Purchasing Service is started or before the customer is introduced to a Dealer. The Company will not divulge details of the Dealer a customer without payment of the Fee. In some circumstances the Company may also receive a commission from the Dealer.

3. Additional Services
In addition, customers may wish to arrange vehicle finance through our finance brokerage service. Under such circumstances, these terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions of the finance house or bank the finance contract is taken out with.

4. The Website
The Website and all of its material is owned by the Company. In addition, the domain name "" and its logo are registered trademarks of the Company.

Information contained in the Company’s Website is not allowed to be stored and/or copied (electronically or in hard copy) without first obtaining the written permission from the Company.

The Company prohibits the use of its Website for any illegal or unlawful purpose.

The Website is aimed for use by those at least 17 years old and a UK resident (excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man).

The Company is committed to maintaining accurate and undisrupted information on the Website. However, the Company does not accept liability or responsibility for technical mistakes, typographical errors, omissions,should they appear on its Website.

The company will endeavour to give correct information to the Customer and does not accept liability for any misrepresentations due to any oversight in updating information where missed. Any incorrect information that is identified will be corrected without delay.

If, for maintenance purposes, should the Company's Website becomes unavailable the Company will not accept liability for any losses that result from this action.

Any advertisement or sponsorship included in the Company’s Website are the legal responsibility of the respective advertiser or sponsor.

The Company reserves the right to alter, delete or add webpages to the Website without notification.

5. Vehicle Data
Vehicle prices, descriptions, specifications and photographs (“the Vehicle Data”) displayed on the Company’s Website are supplied by third parties. The Company will not accept liability for any inaccuracies of this information. Based upon the Company’s experience in the vehicle procurement market, the vehicle prices displayed on the Website represent a reasonable expectation of an achievable price.

The Company genuinely tries to keep the Vehicle Data displayed on its Website correct and up to date but it is possible and acceptable for errors to occur and those errors to be corrected without notice. Additionally, if errors do emerge the Company may cancel or withdraw a quoted vehicle price.

Vehicle photographs may include optional extras and are used as a general portrayal only and as such cannot be viewed as representing the exact vehicle on offer.

6. Handling a Customer Enquiry
Customers wishing to use the Research Service are invited to complete an online form (“Enquiry Form”) on the Website.

It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that the information provided on the Enquiry Form is correct. The Company will not accept any liability for mistakes or losses arising from inaccuracies of this information.

On receipt of an Enquiry Form the Company will perform its research into the best vehicle price and availability from the Dealer network, returning the findings to the customer.

By sending an Enquiry Form the customer gives the Company the right to contact them, either by telephone, SMS messaging, e-mail, or by conventional surface mail to provide a vehicle quote in the provision of the Research Service.

Company reserves the right not to provide a vehicle quote, or act upon an Enquiry Form, without justification.

7. Personal Information
In the provision of the either the Research Service or the Purchasing Service, the Company may collect certain information about the customer (such as, name, address, bank or credit card details, telephone number and e-mail address) ("Personal Information"). The Company is committed to protecting the customers Personal Information and privacy.

Before submitting any Personal Information to the Company either, electronically, verbally, or in hard copy the customer should ensure that the information is correct. The Company will not accept any liability for mistakes or losses arising from inaccuracies of this information.

We will not collect or process sensitive information relating to a customer without explicit consent.
Your Personal Information will be processed by the Company for the purpose of:

    a) the provision of the Research Service; and
    b) the provision of the Purchasing Service (which will include passing on your Personal Information to third parties for such purposes) should the customer decide to purchase a vehicle from a Dealer.
By agreeing and paying for the Purchasing Service, the customer agrees to the processing and disclosure of any Personal Information the Company may hold on them. You also agree that the purposes for the processing may be amended to include other uses or disclosures of Personal Information following notification to you.

We agree to keep the customers Personal Information in a secure environment and will comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and any other applicable data protection legislation currently in force.

If the customer wishes to update or correct any inaccuracies in their Personal Information or if the customer has any other comments or complaints in relation to the Company's services please let the Company know by e-mail:

In accordance with the Privacy & Electronic Communications Act 2003 the Company do not send unsolicited marketing emails to personal email addresses.

8. The Purchasing Service
After payment of the Fee, the Company will commence the Purchasing Service for a customer wishing to buy a vehicle at the price and terms quoted as a result of the Research Service.

The Company or Dealer will confirm to the customer the pre-agreed; vehicle price, specification, expected delivery time and method, along with any other the details of the purchase. For vehicles being sold to by the Company: Please be aware, in order to obtain the highest discount for you, on some occasions the vehicle will be sourced via a dealer or agent who will register the vehicle to them first before being transferred into your name in due course. This is a pre-registed vehicle. You should take note that during the period before your details as the new registered keeper are provided to, processed by and recorded with the DVLA you are at risk of contravening section 43c of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 of the keeper details not being currently up to date. As the registration process is in the hands of third parties we cannot provided exact transfer timescale. However, please contact us if you urgently need to talk to us about your vehicle registration document. When buying a pre registered vehicle there are also some considerations you should be aware of in connection with your vehicle insurance: Please ensure you disclose to your vehicle insurer that you are the owner and main driver of the vehicle but not currently the registered keeper. However, the vehicle will be registered in your name in due course. Also, check the validity of the “new for old” section of your vehicle insurance policy with your insurer as it may require you to be the first registered keeper.

If the customer is ordering the vehicle from the the Dealer, the Company will aid the customer where possible to ensure a smooth and trouble free buying experience. However, the customer should be aware that they will be bound by the Dealers own terms and conditions of purchase and the Company will have no influence over them.

If you choose to purchase a pre-registered vehicle. You will be purchasing your vehicle through; GA Finance & Leasing Ltd, 29a Grosvenor Road, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3JE. Trading as:

9. Vehicle Ordering and Payment
When buying a vehicle using our services as the intermediary between you and the supplier, you will be required to enter into a purchase agreement with us, the Company. Customers entering into such an agreement will be sent our terms and conditions along with a vehicle order form. In this circumstance, unless otherwise agreed, you will be required to make all payments for the vehicle, including any deposit, directly to us. If you wish to make any subsequent changes to a vehicle order you should also make these changes directly with us.

When buying a vehicle as a result of us putting you in direct contact with the supplying dealer, you will be required to enter into a purchase agreement with the Dealer. Customers entering into such an agreement are advised to read the Dealer's terms and conditions included on the vehicle order form. In this circumstance, unless otherwise agreed, you will be required to make all payments for the vehicle, including the deposit, directly to the Dealer. If you wish to make any subsequent changes to a vehicle order you should also make these changes directly with the Dealer.

You will be advised as to which method you will be buying your new car through before you commit to placing your order.

10. Vehicle Delivery
During the provision of the Research Service you will be advised of an approximate delivery date, this should be taken as an indication only of the actual delivery date. The timing of the actual delivery date is the responsibility of the Dealer or agent and is beyond the control of the Company. Customers are advised to regularly check with the Company for any changes to the delivery date.

The Company will not be held liable for any losses or damages arising from any delay in delivery.

11. Part-Exchange Vehicles
As part payment towards a new vehicle the Company is able to offer a vehicle part-exchange service via the Dealer or agent which will involve negotiating a vehicle valuation on behalf of a customer. After an agreed vehicle valuation has been obtained, a customer wishing to enter into a part-exchange agreement will be doing so directly with the Dealer or agent and as such will be bound by their terms and conditions.

12. Cancellations, Returns and Refunds
If you cancel your order outside of the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 you acknowledge the Company will claim the cost of unrecoverable extras fitted to the vehicle, and any reduction in the value of the vehicle. The Company will be entitled to use the deposit and any prepayment to reduce its reasonable losses.

You shall only have the right to cancel your order if there is a delay in delivery exceeding 15 weeks from the date specified in the purchase order form. If you wish to cancel your order under the provisions of this clause you must notify the company in writing. If we do not receive such written notification the company shall be entitled to regard this as a waiver of your right of cancellation.

For vehicle purchases made through the Company will be covered under the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 you have a right to cancel your use of our services without charge, therefore the above will not apply.This cancellation right ends on the expiry of the 7th day on receiving the goods.You will be required to arrange transport delivery at a cost to yourselves to our depot and take reasonable care of the vehicle prior to this.When the vehicle is received, you must provide us with all keys, registration documentation, optional extras, equipment accessories and all other documentation and paperwork supplied with the Vehicle.If the vehicle has suffered any damage which was not caused by us, you accept there will be an appropriate reduction in the amount of money to be returned to you or if the vehicle has been made to your specifications or clearly personalised. Please note a further reduction will apply if the vehicle has exceeded 100 miles or move than what is recorded on the handover checklist.

Please note we do not sell vehicles to UK Dealerships or personal working for them.We have the right to cancel any orders we have taken that fall in to this clause at any time.

13. Anti-Money Laundering Policy
Due to the nature of our business and high monetary values involved in a vehicle purchase, we are obliged to “know our customer”. Thus, under the UK’s Anti-Money Laundering laws we will require certain personal information in order to properly identify you. Evidence of identity can be in documentary or electronic form. For individuals: full name, residential address and date of birth ideally from a government issued document which includes the customer's full name and photo, and either residential address or date of birth e.g. valid passport, valid photo card driving licence etc; or a government issued document (without a photograph) which includes the customer's full name, supported by a second document, either a government-issued, or issued by a judicial authority, a public sector body or authority, a regulated utility company, or another FSA regulated firm in the UK financial services sector or in an equivalent jurisdiction, which includes the customer's full name and either residential address or date of birth.

For corporate bodies (other than regulated firms): full name, registration number, registration office in country of incorporation, business address; and additionally, for private companies/unlisted companies: names of all directors (or equivalent) and names of individuals who own or control over 25% of its shares or voting rights. The firm should verify the existence of the corporate from either a confirmation of the company's listing on a regulated market or a search of the relevant company registry or a copy of the company's Certificate of Incorporation.

Additional due diligence required for non face-to-face transactions where a customer approaches us by post, telephone or over the internet, i.e. has not been physically present for identification purposes, we must take specific and adequate measures to compensate for this higher risk such as carrying out non face-to face verification, either electronically or by reference to documents. UK Guidance states that where identity is verified electronically, or copy documents are relied on, we should apply additional verification checks to manage the risk of impersonation fraud e.g. require copy documents to be certified by an appropriate person or for us to contact, for example, your employer.

14. Handling your complaints
The Company is committed to providing a good service. However, should there be any reason for complaint the Company will try to resolve the issue as quickly and as fairly as possible. The time scale of any dispute varies depending on circumstance and the Company will use reasonable endeavours to keep the customer informed of progress as well as sending confirmation that it has received a complaint. To submit a complaint, please write to: Customer Services, GA Finance & Leasing Ltd, 29A Grosvenor Road, Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3JE, or e-mail us at

15. Events Beyond the Company’s Control
The Company makes reasonable endeavours to fully comply with its Terms and Conditions although it is not accountable for a failure to do so as a result of circumstances beyond its control such as acts of god, war, civil disorder or industrial disputes.

16. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms and Conditions are implemented and governed by English Law and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Court.

17. Copyright
The copying or re-presentation of information from the Company’s Website is strictly prohibited without first obtaining its written permission. In addition, all content, code, graphics, logos and databases are the copyright of the Company unless stated otherwise.

18. Severability
These Terms and Conditions shall be read as separate and independent paragraphs, sub-paragraphs and clauses. Should individual aspects of the Terms and Conditions be found invalid it will not affect the rest of the Terms and Conditions.

19. Waiver
If the Company does not implement its rights as stated in our Terms and Conditions this doesn't mean that these rights have been waived (unless we have acknowledged such a waiver in writing).

20. Entire Terms and Conditions
These Terms and Conditions represent the complete agreement between the customer and the Company. It is possible for the Company to change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

21. License
The Company permits its customers to access the content and services offered on its Website for their individual use. This includes allowing customer to download and cache certain pages from its Website. However, this doesn't allow individual pages and large parts of the Website to be adjusted and/or made available from an intranet. All aspects of the Company’s Website design may not be replicated or edited without full written authorisation from the Company. Third Parties are authorised to “deep link” the Website without prior written permission. Any links to the Company’s Website must be must not use offensive or misleading language.

22. Reasonably Foreseeable Losses
The Company acts as an agent to aid a customer purchase a vehicle from the Dealer, and it is emphasised that a contract to purchase the vehicle only exists between the customer and the Dealer. Accordingly, the Company will not be held liable for any losses arising as a result of any interaction between the customer and the Dealer.

23. Defined Terms

In these Terms the following words have the following meanings:

If you have any questions relating to our terms & conditions, please contact us .

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