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For many years the Volvo brand has been synonymous with safety and reliability, in recent years though they have also become sexy. Early Volvos' were certainly built to last, but were to many people, very boxy looking cars, improvements were made in the performance department, notably with the introduction of the 850 T5 in the nineties, a car with stunning performance, but still looking a bit too much like Postman Pats van. More recent cars to be launched by Volvo have finally shaken this perception, the beautiful looking C70 Convertible and the ever-capable XC90 to name but two. The S40, S60 and S80 have all received curves and the new C30 has introduced the Volvo brand to a much younger audience. Still as safe as ever, but now with looks to match, there is sure to be a model in the current Volvo range to suit your needs.

Finance your new Volvo using a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase). Payment is made on a monthly basis directly from your bank account for an agreed period of time – normally between two and four years. Your initial deposit can be anything from 0 to 40%, and your regular payments will be much lower than hire purchase. You can also pay extra to include all your servicing costs and a one off payment can be made for Gap insurance. At the end of the agreed period you either hand your Volvo back, or, if you decide to keep it, you can pay the “balloon payment”, this is the Guaranteed future value (GFV) that is specified when you make the original agreement.

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